Europe’s leading provider of
natural, premium pet food


Voff Science is a company group operating in the premium pet food market. We are based in Scandinavia and operate in Europe.

Our group companies have a wide variety of products, from raw pet food (BARF) to air-dried treats and bird food. Our focus is premium natural pet food and pet treats. When we say natural, we mean minimally processed food, chews and treats. By using fresh meat and not meat meal we produce healthy and tasty products!

Voff Science aims to partner with leading premium pet food companies, with a focus on natural products and preferably Raw/BARF. Our goal is to build a leading independent premium natural pet food group. Voff Science adds value to our group companies through business development expertise, internationalization, functional expertise in certain areas as well as financial expertise and contribution of capital. Group companies operate with their own management teams and can benefit from shared expertise and best practices within the group. Voff Science works as a sounding board to support management in the group companies.

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Tasty food and treats for dogs and cats made in Finland. Products include BARF, complete BARF and ovendried food for pets. Oscar also has treats made from pure meat, both oven dried and cold dried - a specialty from Finland. Oscar always uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best possible products.
High quality food, treats and chews for pets. The product range includes BARF, complete BARF and many more types of pet food. DIBO also produces treats and chews in the factory located in Germany.
Laverstoke Park Farm
Laverstoke Park Farm is our organic range of frozen pet food (BARF) made in the UK. The products are produced at beautiful farm called Laverstoke. The products are sold online and in stores around the UK.
Nutriment is a brand for premium frozen pet food (BARF) and treats produced in the UK. The ranges include BARF, complete BARF and treats for both dogs and cats. The products are sold online and in stores all over the UK and a few select markets around Europe.
Tasty food and treats for pets and wild birds. The Leo & Wolf products include BARF and complete BARF as well as treats made from fresh meat. All products for pets are grain free and with high meat content. Leo & Wolf also produces wild bird food, similar to fat seed balls but without nets and with a very high fat content.
Premium pet food produced in Germany for dogs, cats and ferrets. has BARF, complete BARF, chews, treats and supplements. All products are sold online and can be bought in several countries around Europe. Products are delivered direct to the pet owners.


  • Mårten Bernow, CEO
  • Voff Science AB
  • Stureplan 15, 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden
  • +46 (0)722 41 97 42
  • Philip Ghatan, Head of Business Development
  • Voff Science AB
  • Stureplan 15, 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden
  • +46 (0)760 17 47 07